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As children growing up, we have all heard the phrase, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste…” My most vivid recall of this is of those anti- drug campaigns from the 1980’s with the fried egg demonstrations. That image and catch phrase has been unforgettable. It is not until my adult years though, and more so quite recently, that I have begun to understand the overwhelming importance of not just the phrase, but also the mind.

We could all agree that the mind is a complex system. How complex, I think is the main question. What I have found is that like every other muscle in our body, the mind must continuously be utilized, strengthened, rested and every so often, examined. It needs the same attention, if not more, than the other muscle groups of our body that we tend to focus more often. In fact, the loss, injury or even stagnation of the mind has greater detrimental effects than the loss of almost any other muscle or organ system in our body combined. Take for instance an Alzheimer’s redden individual who is otherwise strong and healthy. The loss of memory and daily function is incredibly frustrating and ultimately debilitating and very little effective treatment could be offered, whereas loss of other organ systems (kidneys, circulation etc.) can be compensated or treatment provided for such as hemodialysis and surgical endovascular techniques. This is not the case for the mind.

This can also translate to everyday occurrences, past hurts, past pain, and trauma. The collection of events we have gone through over our lifetime has both conscious and subconscious effects on our current thought process and ultimately our actions. Our mind, with great complexity effects the way we see ourselves and others. It effects how successful we might become at our goals, is the culprit of procrastination, low self-esteem and negative thought processes. We must realize this to overcome these challenges. Intentional examination and subsequent exercise of the mind, through whatever chosen method, whether reading, prayer and/or meditation, is necessary. I personally, have begun to actively engage in this. Living in, and examining the moment. Instead of letting my mind simply think of things for me, I examine why I am thinking that way. I actively, to the best of my ability, take control and think intentionally.  I dig deeper into my psyche. This is key, I believe to better understanding oneself, ones’ actions, and ones’ current place in life and future.

Examine Your Mind.

Serenely yours.

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